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Trekking Tours Tours | Geotours | Adventure Travel Tour Agency in Baños Ecuador since 1991

There are countless of trails in Banos and the rest of Ecuador where trekking lovers should definitely go if they want to get a more in depth look of Ecuador's beauty. Geotours offers trekking tours to the top routs in the country: el Altar and Quilotoa Lake.

El Altar is an extinct volcano which left a series of lakes that owe their particular colors to the presence of volcanic minerals. The most famous is the yellow lake where we will go on a 3 days expedition. Quilotoa is a volcanic Lake where its blue and green colors are better appreciated with the rays of sunlight and will captivate you so much that not even the cold weather will get you out of this gorgeous place.

Everybody who appreciates nature, who likes the peace of the mountains and gets excited with every majestic landscape that crosses their path, should do a trekking tour in Banos and Ecuador. So, take your backpack, put on your boots and let's go trekking!

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Full Day Quilotoa - Full Day Trekking Tour
Quilotoa - Full Day Trekking Tour

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3 Days El Altar - 3 Day Trekking Tour
El Altar - 3 Day Trekking Tour

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2 hours Trekking with Geotours
Trekking with Geotours

Banos offers the best routes to clear up and go trekking ... See more

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