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FAQs | Geotours | Adventure Travel Tour Agency in Baños Ecuador since 1991

Why choose Geotours for your Adventures & Fun in Ecuador?

Geotours is the longest-operating agency in Baños. We love what we do! That enthusiasm shows through in everything we do.  Excellent service, professional and fun guides, the highest safety standards, well-maintained gear, and quality experiences are what you can expect from Geotours.


What is the weather like in Baños?

Did you know that online weather forecasts are generally wrong when it comes to the climate in Baños? This is because the weather antennas are located on top of the chilly mountains! We're working on getting that changed!

In general, the weather is hard to predict in Ecuador and will often change several times a day. Here in Baños, temperatures range between 15°Celsius/59°Fahrenheit on cold days during the rainy season (June to August) and will rise up to 30°Celsius/86°Fahrenheit on hot days during dry season (September to March). This also means, there will never be snow! Rain is not a reason to cancel our tours unless it poses a security risk.

If you would like to get some more information about this, then read our blog!

Help! I don’t speak Spanish!

Our guides and office staff are fluent in English, with some other languages spoken as well. No worries!


How large will my group be?

Depending on the activity, you can generally expect between 6-8 people in your white water rafting or canyoning group. We keep our groups small to provide our guests with the best possible experience.


Will I get wet on my rafting trip? And what happens if I fall in the water?

Yes! Rafting guests get very wet riding through the rapids – it’s all part of the fun! The safety briefing prior to getting on the river will explain exactly what to do if you fall overboard. Our guides and safety kayakers all have Swift Water Rescue certifications and will make sure you get back on board safely!


My guide was fantastic! Should I tip him?

Gratuities are at your discretion, and always welcome! Recommendations for tipping drivers and guides range from $3-$10 per person, depending on the quality and length of service.


I want to book my tours before I arrive in Baños. How do I secure my reservations?

To confirm your reservation we request a 50% pre-pay via Wetravel for all advance bookings, subject to the 3% fee of the platform. The balance is due in cash before the start of your activity. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Geotours is operating following all the recommendations of the government of the Republic of Ecuador, therefore in case of cancellations by passengers, THERE WILL BE NO MONEY REFUND (Cash, deposit, credit card payments, bank transfers, online payments, etc.)

If there is a cancellation before 15 days, Geotours reserves the right to offer an alternative for the postponement of any contracted tour, which could be the change of dates for the following months.

In the case of: 

  • Travel restrictions from your home country.
  • A positive test (Covid-19) or mandatory quarantine.

Cancellations made from 24 to 48 hours before the activity do not have the right to a refund or the option to claim.

Same-day cancellations or no-shows will not be entitled to a refund, nor will those who arrive after the group has departed or leave before the activity is complete.

If someone who has booked cannot travel, especially due to a positive COVID test, any personal inconvenience at the airport such as; an expired passport, permits from the country of minors without meeting the required requirements, homonyms, demands, arrivals at the airport at the time not indicated, you can rebook to travel with another group.

Can I create a custom itinerary and/or book a private trip?

Geotours is happy to accommodate those who are looking for a private tour. Depending on your requests we may require a minimum number of passengers. Please contact us directly to discuss your inquiry.


Do you have special rates for groups?

Depending on the season, the number of people in your group, and the activities you would like to do, we may be able to offer special pricing. Please contact us directly for more information.


Direct contact with us..!